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FacebookHow to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

Last updated April 5, 2013

Note: In order to set up a Facebook Business Page, you must already have a personal Facebook account that you will use to admin the new Business Page.This walkthrough will not cover creating a personal Facebook account and it is assumed that you already have one.

Note also that Facebook changes rapidly and by the time you read these instructions, they may be slightly out of date.

Please share this page with your friends and colleagues! You can use our easily printable PDF version, available below:

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page (100 KB)

  1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php .
  2. Select “Local Business or Place.”
  3. Fill in all relevant info (Category, Address, Phone). In the “Business or Place” field, fill in the name of your business.  Make sure that your Business Name is the actual name of your business.
  4. Click “Get started” and your page will be created.
  5. Add a profile picture to your page.  This image will represent your business on Facebook.  Most Facebook users do not consider a Page seriously unless it has a profile picture.  We recommend using the logo of your business, but if you either do not have a logo or you do not like it, you can use a photo of your business instead.
  6. Add a cover image to your page.  This image sits in the header area of your Facebook page.  It should be representative of your business.  It could be a photo of your business, your employees, your products, or it could be a collage of the above.  The dimensions of this image should be 851x315 pixels.
  7. Add some basic information to your page.  To do this, click on “About.”  Hover over “About,” “Basic Info,” or “Contact Info” to reveal the “Edit” button for each area.  Click on the “Edit” button for the section that you would like to edit.
  8. Edit the URL of your Facebook Business Page.  To do this, click on “About” (like above) and click on the Edit button in the “Basic Info” section.  You can select a “Username” on this page which will become the end of your Facebook URL.  We recommend that your Facebook Page’s Username be your company name, so that no one else on Facebook can “claim” that username as their own. Words can run together or be separated with dashes, but no spaces are allowed.
  9. Create a photo gallery and start adding some photos, if possible.  This will vary depending on your type of business.  If possible, upload some photos that feature examples of your work.
  10. Link your Facebook Business Page to a Twitter account.  That way, whenever you post to your Facebook Business Page, your Twitter account will be updated automatically.  That’s two posts for the time spent on one!  To link your Facebook Business Page to a Twitter account, visit http://www.facebook.com/twitter/ .  Note that you must already have a Twitter account to set this up.  (By the way, you can also set this up in the reverse order – that is, whenever you update Twitter, your Facebook page automatically updates. You can visit http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/ to set this up.  You must choose one or the other, not both.)
  11. Set up your Facebook Page to automatically update whenever you post a blog post.  Facebook has a built-in module that will do this, but we have found it to be buggy.  We would recommend a third party app instead, such as RSS Graffiti or Social RSS.  You will need to know the URL of your blog’s RSS feed in order to set this app up.  Contact your web developer if you do not know the URL of your blog’s RSS feed.
  12. Make sure you post your first wall post before trying to get visitors to your Facebook Business Page.  We will cover what kind of content to include in wall posts in our Facebook Business Page Maintenance Guide.

Congratulations on setting up your Facebook Business Page! Now that your page is set up, learn how to maintain, optimize, and promote your Facebook Business Page.