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TwitterHow to Set Up a Twitter Account

Last updated March 18, 2015

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How To Set Up a Twitter Account How To Set Up a Twitter Account (2659 KB)

  1. Visit https://twitter.com and fill in your full name, email address, and, password in the "New to Twitter? Sign up" box.
    Twitter Set Up Step 1
    What you enter in the “name” field depends on what exactly you plan to use this Twitter account for. Are you setting up a Twitter account for the entire company that will represent your company on Twitter? Then, you should put your company’s name in the name field. Alternatively, will you use this Twitter account as representing yourself? Then, you should put your own name in the field. When you are finished, click “Sign up for Twitter.”
  2. The next screen will ask you for a username and whether or not you want to tailor Twitter based on your recent website visits.
    Twitter Set Up Step 2
    1. If this Twitter account will represent the entire company, make the Twitter username your company name, or some variation thereof. If this Twitter account will represent you as a person, you can either use a variation of your name, your job title, your name plus an abbreviation of your company name, or something else not listed here. Your username must be 15 or less characters.
    2. The "Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits" checkbox means that if you check the box, Twitter will use your browser's history to give you suggestions about what kinds of other accounts that you might want to "follow" on Twitter. To protect your privacy, you will probably want to uncheck this check box, but ultimately, the decision is yours.
    3. Click the "Sign up" button when you are finished.
  3. At this point, Twitter will send you an email asking you to verify your email address. Don't click on the link in the email just yet. Instead, stay in your web browser. Twitter will now take you to a set up screen. Click the "Let's go!" button to get started.
    Twitter Set Up Step 3
  4. Twitter will now ask you what you are interested in, and offer you a list of a few topics to choose from. If you see a topic related to your industry listed, click the box next to the topic so that Twitter will suggest some industry-related Twitter accounts for you to follow. Click the Continue button when you are done.
    Twitter Set Up Step 4
  5. Based on your selections in the previous step, Twitter will suggest 40 accounts related to your selections to follow. Take a look at the accounts that Twitter has suggested, and click the "x" button next to any that you feel aren't relevant. Click the Follow & continue button in the top right when you are done.
    Twitter Set Up Step 5
  6. Twitter will now offer you the opportunity to upload a profile photo. If this is a company Twitter account, upload your company’s logo. If this is your personal account, you can upload a photo of yourself, or some other image that is related to what you do. Click the Upload photo button to upload a photo. Click Continue when you are finished (or Skip this step for now).
    Twitter Set Up Step 6
  7. Twitter offers the ability to import a list of your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL. This enables you to find Twitter accounts of your contacts, and to follow them. If you are setting up a company Twitter account, you may want to skip this step. It depends on how you want your company to be publicly associated with people on your contact lists. If you do decide to skip this step, click the “Skip this step” link that can be found in the lower right of the page. Otherwise, click on "Upload your Gmail contacts," or "use a different email service" (the initial "Upload" button's text may look different for you -- it's based on the email address associated with your Twitter account). You will be presented with a pop-up window directing you to sign into your email account. After you sign in, you need to grant Twitter permission to access your contacts.
    Twitter Set Up Step 7
  8. If you didn't skip step 7, you will now be presented with a list of Twitter accounts belonging to the contacts that Twitter found from your email. Click the "x" next to any accounts that you do not wish to follow. When you're finished, click the Follow & continue button.
    Twitter Set Up Step 8
  9. Twitter will now redirect you to your Twitter homepage, where you’ll be able to see a list of recent tweets from the Twitter accounts that you have followed. This is also where you can post your own tweets in the box under the heading “What’s happening?” (or you can click the Tweet button in the upper right of the screen).
  10. It is now safe to verify your email address by clicking on the link that was emailed to you, if you haven't done so already.
  11. Let’s customize your Twitter page! In the top right of the Twitter home page, click on your profile photo (or the picture of an egg if you didn't upload one), and click on View Profile.
  12. Click the Edit Profile button, on the right hand side.
    1. Upload a photo (if you haven't already done so).
    2. Upload a header photo. This is an image that sits at the top of your Twitter page in the background of the header area. The dimensions of this image should be 1500×500 pixels. Whichever image you choose should work well as a background and not be too distracting away from the text on top of it. Possible ideas for the header image include a photo of your business, of your products, your employees, or a collage of several different photos.
    3. In the Bio field, write a short description of either your company or what you do, depending on what you will use the Twitter account for. Include keywords that Twitter users may use to search for businesses of your type.
    4. Enter your company's location in the "Location" field.
    5. Enter your company’s website URL in the “Website” field.
    6. When you are done, click Save changes.

Congratulations on setting up your Twitter account! Now that your account is set up, learn how to maintain, optimize, and promote your Twitter account.